Building History of St. Paul’s High School

Since 1926, St. Paul’s High School has had three addresses and at its current location has undergone three major capital expansions and renovations.  In 1926, St. Paul’s College High School opens on Selkirk Avenue and in 1931 makes it first move to the corner of Ellice and Vaughan with a 1932 expansion with Paul Shea Hall that doubles the school’s capacity.  At this time the Society of Jesus assumes ownership.  The year 1957 sees the college establish a Catholic presence at the University of Manitoba and soon after, in 1963, St. Paul’s High School opens at 2200 Grant Avenue, its current location.

Selkirk Avenue
Ellice and Vaughan
Front Doors 1964


As time passes more academic space is required and is satisfied with the Jesuits handing over their residence, the Monaghan Wing, to renovate for new classrooms, computer and band facilities.  The next substantial improvement to the school was with the Paths of Discovery Campaign the focus of which is a new science and computer labs and the Fr. Holland S.J. Learning Centre.  The Jesuit Legacy Capital Campaign of 1999 sees the first new addition to the 1963 building which includes new regular classes, art and band rooms, a multimedia lab, a new cafeteria and Crusader Football locker room.  The summer of 2007 sees the beginning of the most recent renovation project that includes a completely new roof for the Monaghan Wing and the gym followed by the removal of asbestos ceilings across the front of the school’s office areas and finally the remainder of the ceilings also receiving new panels and lighting.  Final touches were put on the inside of the school with all the halls and classrooms being given a fresh coat of paint.

Grant Avenue
Paul Albrechtsen MultiPlex

The goal of any learning institution is to provide its people with what is true as well as what is current.  The Jesuit term for continually improving upon discerned choices is magis—a Latin term literally meaning “the more.”  Each of the major projects taken on by St. Paul’s in the past has moved those attending and staffing the school by responding to a read of the signs of the times.  Building on the successes of those who went before us, St. Paul’s embarked on a three year discernment process of School Improvement and Strategic Planning beginning in 2004.  Outlined in the plan are eight objectives one of which resolves the current and future needs of our students in terms of a multiPlex facility.  To this end, The Partners in the Mission Capital Campaign was officially launched in November 2010.  Read More

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