The Maroon & White Society is proud to present “Help for Haiti,” a mission week (Feb 7-11) supporting emergency relief for Haiti.

Haiti is still recovering from a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in 2010 and was recently struck again by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in August 2021.

To date, over 2,000 people have died, with many still missing. More than 12,000 have been injured, and close to 30,000 families rendered homeless. Houses have been demolished, people are missing, and aid is required.

How can you help?

-> Participate in this week’s Mission Week initiatives:

  • Relaxed Dress Code DAILY (for $2+)
  • Tape Mr. Laping to the Wall ($5 for a 3-foot strip of tape)
  • Reach for the Top - Teachers vs Students
  • Hockey & Soccer Shootouts – Teachers vs Students
  • Basketball – Teachers vs Students
  • Jolly Rancher Guessing Jar
  • Mr. Pretzel Day! Order Here:
  • Pizza Lunch on Friday - > Order Here:

--> Donate online: - please be sure to select Mission Fund using the drop-down menu under “designation.” Tax receipts will be given for donations of $20 or higher.

-->Donate in-person to a Maroon & White representative

We have the opportunity to help those in dire need, and the Maroon & White Society is urging us to do so.

Time and Place

Date and Time

February 7, 2022 – 8:00am
to February 11, 2022 – 6:00pm

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