May 21, 2020

May 25, 1:43 p.m.

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students - 

Thank you for the valuable feedback you provided on the remote learning survey. The school has reviewed responses from all stakeholders and has made changes accordingly. Changes are based on data related to the amount of screen-time, wellness, community building, and assignments students have been provided. In addition, these changes are in response to new information made available during Premier Pallister’s public address last Thursday, May 21 and the subsequent information provided to schools by MB Education on Friday, May 22. Please note the following changes:

  • The addition of “flex time” each week.
  • Revised guidelines for “office periods.”
  • A revised date for the conclusion of remote instruction (Friday, June 12).

Changes to Remote Learning Plan

“Flex” Fridays

  • A “flex day” will be scheduled each Friday beginning May 29 up to and including June 12. This day is to:
    • Catch-up day to complete missing work
    • Focus on wellness and physical activity
  • Mentor Group Meetings will take place from 11:00–11:30 AM on Friday, May 29 and Friday, June 5. Students should join their mentor teacher’s WebEx meeting room on these dates/times. 
  • Locker contents pick-up will take place in accordance with social distancing and safety protocols. More information is provided in the attached document and a detailed schedule for retrieval of locker contents will be communicated soon.
  • Students may be able to request to meet with teachers one-to-one or in small groups on Friday, June 5 and Friday, June 12. Teachers may also be able to request that students come to the school to meet regarding course material and assessments. We are awaiting further details from the Province on this item. 
  • This is not a day for extra work or assessments/tests other than students who missed previous assessments.

Office Periods

  • After 15 minutes of inactivity, the teacher may close the “office period” WebEx session.
  • Teachers may use the “office” period to work with smaller groups of students across the three class periods per cycle. All students will still be able to access two periods of direct instruction per 6-day cycle for a full course. 

Revised Date for Conclusion of Remote Instruction

The last day of remote instruction will be Friday, June 12. Given social distancing protocols outlined by the Chief Public Health Authority, we anticipate year-end processes will require more time and have adjusted the calendar accordingly.

These changes are effective, immediately. 

Otherwise, remote learning will remain the same as the remote learning plan published on April 15, 2020. 

Please see here for a calendar of events scheduled for the remainder of the school year. The school's online calendars will be updated shortly to reflect the attached calendar. We have also attached a response document that addresses common questions/comments received from parents and students.


Bob Lewin, Principal

May 21, 3:39 p.m.

Parents, Guardians & Students: 

After considering feedback provided from the remote learning survey, St. Paul’s High School was prepared to release changes to the current remote learning plan. However, earlier today, the Manitoba Government announced its decision to move to Phase Two of the Restoring Safe Services Plan earlier than anticipated. This decision impacts the use of school facilities and requires additional changes to the remote learning plan that was ready for release today. 

As a result, St. Paul’s High School will be communicating changes to students and parents next week. The current remote learning plan remains in place until further notice. 

In the address, Premier Pallister also stated: “To ensure students are equipped to transition to the new school year, additional teaching days are being examined for the upcoming school year, including starting schools on August 31, and repurposing some of the non-instructional days throughout the school year.” Details to follow as they are released from the Department of Education. 

Please see the Draft Plan for Restoring Safe Services Recovery Roadmap for Phase Two here: 

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

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