October 22, 2020

Good Afternoon Students, Parents & Guardians: 

Earlier today, Dr. Brent Roussin informed all Manitobans that effective Monday, October 26, 2020, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority will be moving schools to a Restricted Level (orange). More information can be found here.

School’s Must: 

  • Ensure two-meters of physical distancing to the greatest extent possible, and adjust classroom space as necessary; excess furniture must be removed from classrooms to create additional space; and other spaces within schools must be repurposed to accommodate more distancing (e.g., multipurpose rooms, empty rooms, shared spaces, common areas and libraries). 
  • Extracurricular activities are only permitted if all learning and distancing requirements have been met. If these activities continue, established guidelines must be followed and, in the case of sports, participants should maintain distance when not active.
  • Teachers and staff who move across cohorts of students, including substitute teachers, are required to wear medical masks. Medical-grade disposable masks have been issued to all schools. N95 masks are not required.
  • Indoor choir and the use of wind instruments are not permitted.   
  • All field trips must be postponed or cancelled.
  • Blended learning (in-class and online) for grades 9 to 12 where distancing cannot be achieved will continue as per status quo. 

Dr. Brent Roussin, along with Deputy Minister, Dana Rudy explained: 

“With six weeks of experience behind us, and in the face of increasing cases in some regions of the province, we can reflect on the effectiveness of the policies, processes, and public health measures that have been implemented...

  • There has been minimal school-level transmission among the K–12 schools with confirmed cases.
  • Cohorts and other public health measures have been effective in mitigating the risk of transmission and informing contact tracing.
  • Schools and administrators have implemented the public health measures consistently and have handled confirmed cases in schools with responsiveness, confidence, and a great deal of professionalism.”

Our goal at St. Paul’s High School is not only to meet; but exceed the provincial protocols for safety while maximizing in-class learning. We are committed to providing your son with the highest quality education.

Correspondingly, St. Paul’s High School will transition to the Restricted Orange Response Level requirements on Monday, October 26th. In order to accomplish this:

St. Paul’s High School is modifying the school to create 7 additional classroom spaces, as well as, modifying the library to create another classroom space. This will add 8 additional learning spaces that support two-meter distancing. This is in addition to the 11 modified spaces already in use, for a total of 19 additional classroom spaces.

These changes will raise our safety standards for all students significantly while ensuring that we can deliver full-time in-person instruction for as long as possible.

In order to prepare our campus for these changes:

We are implementing a one-week transition plan that will feature a combination of in-person and remote instruction so students can return to 100% in-person instruction the following week:

During this week of transition, students will be using Microsoft Teams through their school provided Office 365 account. Students will be meeting their teachers virtually for direct instruction under Schedule III - Late Start, in effect all week. Their current schedule remains unchanged. 

Students have been using Teams since September in many of their classes and have done test runs while in person with their teachers. Tomorrow, October 23, 2020, teachers ensure that all students have the ability to join remote classes. Students should bring their mobile devices, tablets and laptops to school tomorrow to ensure they are prepared for remote learning.

Families who do not have these devices available for student learning should reach out to Ms. Horne at 204-831-2300. 

While minimal transmission is occurring in schools at this point, these additional public health measures are critical to ensure that the schools respond to the current risks and conditions given rising community transmission. If more measures are needed they will be implemented. 

Notes on Extra-Curriculars & Concert Band Program:

We will be following the directive to suspend wind-instruments while in restricted level orange. Our Music Program Coordinator, Mr. Gardner, is preparing alternative activities to support music education at St. Paul’s High School. 

Extra-Curriculars already approved will remain unchanged at this time.

Public Health Recommendations:

The change in response level serves as an important reminder for all parents/guardians, students and staff to remain vigilant in following the recommendations of Manitoba Public Health: 

  • Stay home if you are sick.
  • Wash/sanitize your hands and cover your cough.
  • Physically distance when you are with people outside your household.
  • If you cannot physically distance, wear a mask to help reduce the risk to others or as required by public health orders.

Remember to Take the Self-Assessment Before School:

Please ensure your son is using the attached flowchart for guidance on COVID-19 Screening and Managing Symptoms before coming to school. 

Please note, the St. Paul’s High School COVID-19 Screening & Managing Symptoms Flowchart has been amended. Found here.


Amanda Camara, on behalf of Kevin Booth ’78, President & Bob Lewin, Principal

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