March 4, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students: 

To further enhance safety at St. Paul’s High School, effective Monday, March 8th, and until further notice, all students will be required to wear disposable masks with a minimum of three layers. A similar requirement has been in place for teachers since October 2020 and, by extending the requirement to students, we can enhance the level of safety for all. 

Disposable masks, with a minimum of three layers, exceed the current Province of Manitoba and Government of Canada mask guidance and offer the following benefits:

  • New mask required to be worn daily
  • Include at least three layers
  • Ensure nose, mouth, and chin are fully covered 
  • Form-fitted around the nose
  • No need to launder
  • Greater fluid resistance

St. Paul's will provide each student with a supply of ten disposable, three-layer masks on Friday, March 5th.  

Going forward, students will be required to supply their own disposable, three-layer masks. St. Paul’s will have disposable masks on hand to provide to students on an occasional basis. A cloth mask may be worn only if a disposable, three-layer mask is worn on top. Questions or concerns regarding masks should be directed to the Vice-Principal Students. 

St. Paul’s will be maintaining a stock of disposable, three-layer masks available for sale in the Crusader Shoppe. Masks that meet these requirements are also readily available at most retail outlets.  

Should the cost of providing these masks for your son be prohibitive, please contact his counsellor.  

St. Paul’s is investigating the feasibility of a recycling program for disposable masks.  

In addition to the safe use of masks, the basics of staying at home when sick, washing/sanitizing hands often, and practicing physical distancing remain critical to ensuring the safety of all persons and the community. 

Thank you for your support. 

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