February 13, 2008

The Crusader Wrestling team had another successful outing as the team regrouped after exams. The Crusaders came out in full force for the tournament at Westdale Jr. High this past weekend.  All who participated should be proud of their efforts. The following is a list of those who walked away with medals from the weekend.

Junior High Competition

Steve Stone 50kg. Bronze
David Dy 54kg. Silver
Michael Cowap 63kg. Bronze
Jeremy Peabody 76kg. Gold
Robert Maclennan 85kg. Silver
Eric Fong 85kg. Gold

High School Competition


Daniel Meyers 46 Kg. Gold
James Dunn 54kg. Silver
Travis Proskurniak 58kg. Bronze
Derrick Kolly 63kg. Gold
Sean Ewacha 76kg. Gold
Zac Robert 115kg. Bronze
Warren Peabody 115kg. Silver

Open Division

James MacPherson Silver 64kg.
Derrick Kolly Gold 64kg.
Coach Matthew Tripple Gold 90kg.

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