March 11, 2008

Congratulations to the Crusader Wrestling team as they won another Provincial Wrestling Championship this past weekend at Grant Park. The victory was a team effort and the result of hard work by Coach Krawetz, the assistant coaches and all the athletes. Special thanks to Ms Kirkpatrick for her dedication and help with wrestling this year especially after a long volleyball season.

The medal and points count are as follows:

Junior Boys Results:

Daniel Meyers Gold 42 kg.
Robert Maclennan Gold 84kg.
David Dy Silver 54kg.
Steve Stone Bronze 50 kg.
Michael Cowap Bronze 63kg.

Senior Boys Results:

Travis Proskurniak Gold 54kg.
Derrick Kolly Gold 63kg.
Martyn Langstaff Gold 76kg.
Sean Ewacha Silver 76kg.
Warren Peabody Bronze 115kg.

Adult Results:

Coach Matt Tripple Gold 84kg.
Coach Dan Gange Bronze 84kg.

Senior Boys Team Results:

1. St. Paul's 94.0
2. Grant Park 92.0
3. Winnipeg Wrestling Club 66.0

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