May 12, 2011

A cold and windy Connolly Field was the scene of an epic battle of physical and emotional rugby on Thursday May 12th. In the end, the wind would be a major factor as the St. Paul's forwards played a brilliant game of inspired rucking and running against a talented SJR squad.

The forwards were able to collect a majority of the day's possession and stiffle most offensive efforts of the Eagles. A mishandled long kick retrieved by SJR deep in the try zone supplied the Eagles with their only major score, while a long penalty kick added another 3 points for the Eagles. The Crusaders' backs played almost perfect defense against a big and skilled set of SJR backs, but were unable to get any multi phase offensive runs put together.

The Crusaders again had their chances but were only able to punch in a single try before running out of time. The final score was SJR 8, Crusaders 5, but there were many positive outcomes from this exciting match.

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