February 14, 2012

After much preparation and planning, St Paul's is pleased to announce the beginning of construction on the new MultiPlex. 

Please be advised of the following safety requirements around the construction site.    
During the week of 13 February 2012, the Construction Manager, FWS, will begin fencing off the site and a new construction access will be created through the existing fence off Holland Boulevard.  The next week will see the first phase of the actual construction begin with the arrival of pile driving equipment. Piling should commence early next week.

After the piles are in place, the excavation will commence along with pilling.  For economic reasons as well as for efficiency, fill from the new site will be removed and stored in the south west corner of the campus to be used as back fill of the MultiPlex as well as for re-crowning the south fields in June and July.

FWS has advised us that the area under construction is a closed construction site.  Health and safety requirements detail that under no circumstances will unauthorized personnel be allowed to enter the construction site; this is in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Authorized visitors must first be approved by Mr John Ostermann, Building and Grounds Manager, and anyone entering the site will require an FWS Safety Orientation coordinated by FWS. Hard hats and CSA approved safety shoes are mandatory within the fenced area and the Province’s Occupational Health and Safety Officers may be inspecting the site periodically.  

With the increased activity on campus, please be cognizant of busier traffic around the School and mindful of additional building and machinery activity.  Your cooperation will help to ensure everyone’s safety.    

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr John Ostermann, Building and Grounds Manager directly at (204) 831-2344.


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