April 20, 2012


An administrator in a Catholic school must live a set of values which places God at the centre. It is his responsibility to ensure that everything in the school leads the students towards God through Christ. At St Paul's, Christian witness and religious formation are animated by Jesuit leadership and marked with Jesuit charisms and Ignatian values.

The Vice Principal Students must, more pointedly, perhaps, than most teachers and administrators, have an active rapport with students, as he deals with them more directly than do other administrators, and in situations more emotionally-charged and less structured than do other teachers. More than most, he must be flexible in dealing with people in varied situations, as his position is intensely cross-pressured. He must retain the confidence and trust of students while strictly enforcing rules; he must retain the confidence and trust of the faculty while often having to take the student's side in a dispute.

The VPS, when performing at his best, will display the following qualities:
• he knows the general philosophy of the school and its administrative practices and therefore will provide consistency
• he interprets and enforces school policies and regulations consistently, and with compassion, for the sound formation of students
• he is considered by the students to be fair
• he is considered by the faculty to be supportive
The VPS performs such duties as the Principal may from time to time delegate to him; more specifically his job requires that he:

• supervise and evaluate new teachers as requested by the principal
• supervise teachers in their extra-duty assignments
• assist the principal in the evaluation of coaches and athletic programs to improve the quality of play and to increase participation

• be responsible for the general student discipline in the school
• be responsible for the administration of policies concerning attendance, lates, dress code and discipline
• administer fair and compassionate procedures in dealing with violations
• select from alternatives appropriate disciplinary measures for particular students in particular situations
• allocate and distribute lockers and locks
• register student vehicles and assign electrical parking outlets
Vice-Principal Student’s Job Description
• maintain the system of communication by which parents are informed of students' attendance and disciplinary matters
• inform teachers about the legitimacy of student absences and about student discipline
• take charge of the general supervision of student dances and other student social events at the school

• supervise and assist the Athletic Director with athletic awards and trophies
• assist in the supervision of a variety of extra-curricular activities

Albeit that the President is the school manager the VPS will:
• assume the duties of the Principal during the Principal’s absence
• supervise and assist the Athletic Director in the allocation of gym use
• assist in the maintenance of information on bulletin boards and electronic sign boards
• be a member of the Admissions Committee
• inspect buildings and grounds of the school to ensure that they are safe and coordinate with the Building and Grounds manager
• register and co-ordinate the use of school facilities outside regular class hours
• monitor budgeted spending in areas under his supervision
• prepare and publish bulletins, announcements and emergency procedures for matters under his supervision
• supervise and assist the Athletic Director in the scheduling of athletic events and transportation so that both are synchronized
• keep the President and Principal informed on the performance of the VPS’s duties

• develop himself professionally
• promote participation in professional organizations
• share pertinent articles and professional development materials in order to help faculty grow
• encourage professional research (action-research) for practical usage in the day-to-day routine

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