September 12, 2012

Alumnus, Dr Ryan Zarychanski ’92, and his team of researchers from CancerCare Manitoba and the University of Manitoba recently discovered the genetic mutation responsible for the blood disorder known as hereditary xerocytosis.

As reported in the 11 September 2012 issue of the Winnipeg Free Press, Dr Zarychanski, a clinician scientist at the University of Manitoba in the sections of Critical Care and Hematology/Medical Oncology, began work on the project two years ago. By gathering blood samples and other information from a Manitoba family and their relatives with a history of the disorder, the Manitoba researchers were able to identify a protein that was heretofore never linked to red-blood-cells.

Dr Zarychanski’s work has been peer-reviewed and published in a recent issue of “Blood,” the leading academic journal for blood disorders. It is anticipated that this discovery will be instrumental in helping doctors understand the nature of other inherited red-blood-cell disorders.

St Paul’s is proud of Dr Zarychanski and his team’s discovery and congratulates him on his work and accomplishments.

To read the Winnipeg Free Press article about Dr Zarychanski please click here.

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