May 10, 2013

Office of the Principal

Friday, May 10, 2013

Dear Parents,

I am writing to provide an explanation for the emergency school closure today. Around 9:00 am today the new gas line into the Multiplex was damaged by a back hoe working on the area off Holland Boulevard in front of the Multiplex. The construction crews evacuated the construction site, let us know of the problem and the Fire Department was called. Upon arrival and assessing the situation, the Fire Department ordered the evacuation and lock down of the school and turned off the power as a precautionary measure. The students evacuated to the front of the property on Grant Avenue while the situation was being assessed.

The Fire Department then informed us that Manitoba Hydro was called to assess the situation and to turn off the gas. We were then informed that the school would remain locked down for at least two to three hours while repair work was being conducted and it was determined that we would have to dismiss students for the day. Students who could drive or walk were dismissed. Students who needed to be picked up were temporarily housed at Shaftesbury High School while parents were called to arrange transportation.

Once power is restored later today and we are given the “all clear,” we will contact students, parents and staff on the online community who may need to return to the school to pick up books, personal items or sports equipment that the school building is open. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Tom Lussier Principal 

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