March 20, 2014

Greetings St. Paul's High School Alumni,
Over the past few months a Committee has been working towards the formation of an official Alumni Association on behalf of St. Paul's High School.
Further, a Sub-Committee has endeavored to develop a set of By-Laws which outline the objectives of the Association as follows:

  1. To encourage the fellowship of former students of St. Paul's High School (hereinafter referred to as 'the High School') through social, educational,cultural, and professional means;
  2. To disseminate information among former students relating to the development of the High School;  
  3. To establish and maintain through appropriate resourcefulness a continuous, uninterrupted long term link with all Alumni as well as with the High School and the Community at large and; 
  4. To promote the High School through continued alumni interest and to share their knowledge and experience, both academic and otherwise, with current students of the High School


Please note the Association will be represented on the High School's Board of Directors. A copy of the By-Laws have been included for your review.
The By-Law Sub-Committee includes: Mr. Gordon Auld '10, Mr. Grant White '02, Mr.Craig White '00, Mr. Randy Van de Mosselaer '86, Mr. Joe Fiorentino '81 and Mr. James Brennan '67.
A Nomination Sub-Committee has also been formed and its principal duty is to solicit and present to the Alumni the names of candidates for election to the Board of Directors. The board will consist of at least 5, and not more than 25 directors, all elected by Alumni of St. Paul's High School. Terms and other details are found in the enclosed By-Laws.
If you know of any fellow alumni who are interested in being nominated, or if you are interested, please fill out the attached form, collect the necessary three signatures, and return it to Randy Van de Mosselaer '86, Alumni Affairs and Events Manager via mail at St. Paul's High School, 2200 Grant Avenue, Winnipeg, MB. R3P 0P8, or email at: or fax (204) 831-2340.
Your Nomination Sub-Committee includes: Mr. Dan Kulas '10, Mr. Douglas Crabb '88, Mr. Randy Van de Mosselaer '86, Mr. Tony Demarin '84 and Mr. Paul Bouchard '82. Nominations are open until Friday, April 11th. After this date the Nomination Sub-Committee will confirm the nominations with all candidates. Voting will take place via the St. Paul's Online Community using "Question Pro" starting April 22nd and will close April 30th, 2014.
To assist in reaching out to as many alumni members as possible and to ensure your ability to vote, please sign up to access the St. Paul's Online Community at and encourage your classmates to do the same.


Your Alumni Association Formation Committee


St. Paul's Alumni Association By-Laws

SPHSAA Nomination Application Form

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