NewsRaed Joundi '04 Awarded 2009 Rhodes Scholarship

Raed Joundi, becomes the seventh St Paul’s alumnus to be awarded the Rhodes Scholarship and the third in five years.

St Paul’s High school is pleased to congratulate Raed Joundi ’04 as a Rhodes Scholar-Elect for entry to Oxford University in the autumn of 2009.

After graduating from St Paul’s, Raed went on to the University of Manitoba where he completed a Bachelor of Science. He is currently in his second year of Medical School at Queen’s University. Raed hopes to study Neuroscience while he is at Oxford.

Raed commented on his time at St Paul’s, saying that he “has no doubt that his formative years at St Paul’s gave him the skills and confidence [to apply]” and that he “cannot emphasize enough how important those four years (at St Paul’s) were in giving him this opportunity.”

Mr Joundi follows in the footsteps of six other St Paul’s alumni who have won Rhodes Scholarships in recent years: Thomas Patterson ’78, Davide Panagia ’89, Rakesh Suri ’89, Marcello Panagia ’94, Daniel Lussier ’00 and most recently, Michael Urban ’01 who was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship in 2007.

In preparing for the final interview in Calgary, Raed told St Paul’s that he was hopeful, but that in meeting his fellow candidates prior to the interviews he recognized that all of the candidates had experienced “amazing life accomplishments, were great people and would all be very able to represent Canada as Rhodes Scholars.” Raed received the good news at his hotel room in Calgary that same night and made his first call home to his family in Winnipeg.

In his time at St Paul’s, Raed was extensively involved in the Student Council, the Band Program, French and English debating, and volunteering for the retreat programs. Raed helped to co-found the Amnesty International Group (that is now the Human Rights Group) and was the Gold Medalist and Governor General Medalist in his senior year.


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November 26, 2008 at 2:52pm

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