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All students in Grades 9-12 are invited to try out for the Crusader Hockey program. The school will again have two teams playing in the Winnipeg High School Hockey League, with one in the ‘A’ (Platinum Promotions) division and another in the ‘B’ (Winnipeg Free Press) division. Selection of the 19 players for each of the two teams will take place concurrently. The selection process will begin on Wed, Sept 18 and will (tentatively) conclude by Fri, Sept 27.

All players will be given the opportunity to skate for at least three hours of evaluation. After each of several stages of assessment, players will be notified through the SPHS online Community about coaching decisions.

Those players who may be simultaneously trying out for a Winnipeg Minor Hockey club team are encouraged to be in conversation with the Crusader Hockey staff about negotiating scheduling conflicts. This is also true for students who are already committed to playing for St Paul’s in another sport, such as football


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September 04, 2013 at 8:00pm

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