NewsMission Week 1 - El Salvador Scholarship Fund

Every year the Maroon and White Society sponsors multiple Mission Drives to raise money for those in need. This year, Mission Drive 1 is in support of the El Salvador Scholarship Fund. This Mission Drive begins Monday, October 17, through Friday, October 21.

During the 18th century, a small group of people called the Fourteen Families, the major land owners in most of Central America, held a military dictatorship in El Salvador. Eventually, a revolt took place in 1932 against the Fourteen Families, and within a few weeks, the uprising had ended when the military took the lives of about 30,000 civilians. Since then, the country’s political parties have been in and out of conflict. However it was with the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero in 1980 that threw the country into civil war. After twelve years of war and countless massacres, roughly 75,000 civilians had been killed by the Salvadoran military.

This week we are asking that students, staff, teachers and parents bring in donations to this worthy cause in order to help those in need. Donations will primarily be collected in Mentor Groups.  If you choose to donate $20.00 or more and donate by cheque you can receive a tax receipt. Cheques must be made out to St. Paul’s High School. You may memo the cheque as El Salvador Mission Drive. You may also donate online here: Donate Now

Please watch the video produced by our M&W Media Team:

El Salvador Video


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October 17, 2016 at 2:37pm

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