Christian Service is a volunteer program that operates as a component of our religion courses at the grade ten and grade eleven levels. One of the goals of St. Paul's is to encourage the value of service by our students in the greater community. Our ideal graduate will see volunteer service as an important part of his life after graduation. The school also encourages students to apply Christian values of service in the real world and to reflect on this service.

Grade 10 Program

The Grade 10 service program is intended to initiate students in formal volunteer activity. It is also intended to give students an opportunity to put into practice concepts of service introduced in their religion courses. Ideally, such service forms a basis for reflection based on experience.

Grade 11 Program

The Grade 11 program involves students in institutional settings such as elderly care homes, soup kitchens, and hospitals. It is designed to complement the value of social justice promoted in religion classes and to build on the volunteer experience acquired in Grade 10. The service program concludes at this level yet a number of Grade 12 students (and alumni) continue to pursue service opportunities after their Grade 11 year. The goal of lifelong service involvement ranks among the highest of our gauges of success of our graduates.

All St. Paul's students complete a minimum of 50 hours of volunteer service outside of school time.

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