St. Paul's Facts

  • Located in Winnipeg, capital city of Manitoba, Canada. Population approximately 750,000
  • Diverse student population, representing different cultures and backgrounds
  • One in seven students receive some form of financial aid
  • Current student population: 575
  • 97% of our graduates continue on to post-secondary education
  • 75% of students participate in faculty directed extra-curricular activities
  • 45% of faculty have advanced degrees in their areas
  • Students contribute 12,000 hours of service in the community each year


Manitoba Provincial High School Curriculum Requirements are met and exceeded by the academic program at St. Paul's. AP (Advanced Placement) courses for university entrance are offered in Physics, English and French. Over half of the recent AP students achieved exam marks of 4 or 5. St. Paul's has superior facilities and programs in music, art, calculus, advanced mathematics, advanced computer and multimedia, second language acquisition and drama.


The majority of St. Paul's students matriculate to the University of Manitoba for undergraduate studies where the school has a strong affiliation with St. Paul's College. Seven St. Paul's students have received University of Manitoba Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarships. Students who chose to attend out of province universities were frequently awarded entrance scholarships.

Since 1981, six St. Paul's High School alumni have been awarded Rhodes scholarships to Oxford University for post-graduate studies. Four completed their undergraduate degrees at the University of Manitoba. St. Paul's students have received Canadian Merit Scholarships among 30 selected annually in a Canadian-wide competition.


More than 97% of St. Paul's graduates attend post-secondary studies.

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