Religious and Spiritual Growth

Campus Ministry offers worship and prayer, retreats, and development in faith, spirituality, and value education. The Campus Ministry Department works with the Maroon and White Society and the Christian Service Program to provide opportunities for spiritual and social development in the wider community. All students, regardless of religious affiliation, are encouraged to participate in Campus Ministry activities throughout the school year. It is the mandate of the Society of Jesus that every student come to recognize the importance of spiritual development as a means of becoming a man of integrity, compassion, and service.

Focus on the whole development of the student has been a century old hallmark of Jesuit education.

Maroon and White Society

In their Grade 12 year, all students have the opportunity to become a member of the Maroon and White Society. The Maroon and White is a long Jesuit tradition of leadership development in which students are selected to act as ambassadors of the entire student body for major events both inside and outside the school.

The students who are selected to work on the Maroon and White executive, as well as those students who are inducted into the Society at the end of the year, represent the embodiment of the best of characteristics that St. Paul's High School seeks to instill in the student leaders.


Freshman Retreat

Initiated at St. Paul's High School in 2002, this retreat is based on a program that has been used in Jesuit schools across the United States for decades. It takes place in December, and is designed to give Grade 9 students an opportunity to grow more comfortable as members of the high school community, to make new friends, and to develop a sense of their importance as Crusaders. The retreat is planned and led by senior students.

Kairos Retreat

In their senior year, students have the opportunity to participate in the Kairos retreat program. It is a four-day experience of community where the student learns more about themselves, about others and about God. Retreatants learn that they are loved and loveable. Kairos is a significant and sometimes life-changing experience for most of the participants, often proving to be the climax of their spiritual and social development at St. Paul's High School.

“These four days were some of the best in my time at St. Paul's. The memories will remain dear to me for the rest of my life.”