St. Paul's High School offers a number of different clubs whose purpose it is to appeal to the varied interests of the student body. The clubs and activities allow students to compliment their academic endeavors with extra-curricular programs that suite their interests. A full list of these clubs are shown at the bottom of the page and a few have been highlighted below.


The St. Paul’s Debate Program assists students in developing strong public speaking and research skills, while also enhancing critical thinking and the ability to construct logical arguments.  These invaluable skills extend far beyond the debate stage, empowering our students to excel in their academic pursuits and thrive in their future careers. There are two debating teams in the school, a junior debating team and a senior debating team. Over the years, our student debaters have earned numerous titles competing in local, national, and international tournaments, demonstrating their exceptional talent and dedication.

Reach for the Top

This activity affords students the opportunity to display and refine their academic and general knowledge skills and to participate in quiz matches against other schools' teams.

Student Council

St. Paul's has a vibrant student government whose mission it is to be a voice of the students and to organize a variety of events through the school year.

Student Newspaper

The school newspaper is called The Crusader. It is published a number of times each term. It offers students an opportunity to develop journalistic, artistic, and general layout skills. It is also a very good forum for public debate on issues of interest to the student body.


The Yearbook is that publication which recalls the people and events of significance in each school year. Photographs, stories, layout, and artwork are all prepared by student contributors. The yearbook is published once a year.

Available Activities

  • Book Club
  • Card Club
  • Chamber Ensemble
  • Chess Club
  • Debating (Senior & Junior)
  • Dramatic Society
  • Human Rights Initiative
  • Maker Space
  • Maroon and White Society
  • Mass Choir
  • Reach for the Top
  • Retreat Leaders
  • Robotics
  • Service Missions
  • Stage Crew
  • Student Council
  • Student Newspaper
  • Tech Cru
  • Yearbook
  • Youth in Philanthropy