Employment Opportunities

The following positions are available for the 2024–2025 school year. 

Working at St. Paul's

St. Paul's offers a collegial work atmosphere for all employees. Many of the staff and faculty have worked at the school for years, and there are many benefits other than the conventional ones in working here. Just as alumni return to visit us, so do former staff, for whom the school represents not just a workplace, but the embodiment of an ideal.

Requirements for Employment

Candidates for employment at St. Paul's will be committed to their faith, have a strong work ethic and possess the ability to work with others in a collegial manner. St. Paul's staff members enjoy challenges which encourage individuality. All faculty members are required to participate in and support the many extra and co-curricular activities at the school.

After hours events and clubs enrich the experience which the school offers its students and, in many cases, these opportunities provide the most lasting and fond memories of our alumni, as well as for the teachers who give generously of their time, and, in turn, feel as if they are an appreciated and integral part of the community of St. Paul's High School.

St. Paul's provides generous benefits and remuneration. In the case of faculty members, salaries are comparable to those offered in the public school sector.