St. Paul's High School is committed to fostering personal responsibility and social justice. To that end, the school strives to ensure that all qualified applicants who are accepted can attend regardless of their ability to pay tuition. Further, St. Paul's strives to balance offering affordable tuition while providing excellence in education.

The school receives an annual per-student grant from the Province of Manitoba equal to approximately 50% of the per-student amount given to the public system. This grant contributes to educational costs directly related to the classroom, namely teacher salaries and benefits, and curricular materials.

St. Paul's assesses an annual tuition, which contributes to the day-to-day operation of the school including energy costs, basic maintenance and building upkeep, technology upgrades, athletics, and other related costs.


Tuition for the current 2020-2021 academic year is $8,700. The cost of educating a student at St. Paul's High School is $15,800 per year. This cost is provided for by a combination of tuition, a per-student government grant, and various fundraising efforts. Tuition is set in mid-March by our Board of Directors. International students are charged, at a minimum, the full cost of educating a student at St. Paul's High School.

There are three payment options for tuition:

  1. One Payment 
  2. Monthly Payments
  3. Financial Aid / Bursary Application (upon your son's acceptance to St. Paul's families can request a Bursary Application).

Bursary Statistics

1 in 5 students receive some form of financial aid

$5,904: Average bursary awarded to applicants

Full and partial bursaries are available

As much as $500,000/year in financial aid has been awarded in recent years

100% Confidential

Financial Aid

Full and partial bursaries are available to any student, based on financial need, as determined by our Bursary Committee. The bursary application process begins after the school has accepted a student. St. Paul's High School does not offer entrance scholarships. The Bursary Fund is available to families who demonstrate a financial need.

Our Bursary Committee reviews all bursary applications and all information provided to St. Paul's High School is kept in the strictest confidence. For additional information, contact Ms. Tasha Lagasse, (204) 831-2312.

Tax Deductions

As per Canada Revenue Agency guidelines, a portion of tuition is considered a charitable donation. The exact amount of the charitable receipt varies from year to year based on the audited financial statements of the previous year. Thus, your first receipt will be dated Dec. 31 of the calendar year in which your son completes his first year. Your final receipt will be dated Dec. 31 of the year in which your son graduates. 

Textbook Damage Deposit and Lock Fee

A $100 Textbook Damage Deposit is payable upon entrance to St. Paul's High School and is refundable in full or in part upon graduation, depending on deductions that may be assessed for abnormal wear and tear. A $20 lock fee is also payable at the start of your son's first year of school.


Fundraising plays an important role in the financial well-being of St. Paul's High School. The success of our fundraising efforts has an impact in determining our annual tuition fee and in the calculation that determines how much of the tuition fee is receipted for tax purposes. Our expectation is that all parents will participate in our fundraising efforts with the gift of both their time and financial resources, in every respect according to their means.

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