In keeping with the school's vision to develop lifelong learners who are open to growth, intellectually competent, loving, religious, and committed to doing justice, the Father Holland Learning Centre encourages a spirit of inquiry, curiosity, and collaboration. The library's mission is to foster literacy and critical thinking skills; to support the curriculum by providing access to current, adequate and appropriate information resources; and to ensure that all members of the learning community become efficient, effective, and ethical users and producers of ideas and information. 

Our library offers a wealth of information and services to students and faculty.  Library staff are available to serve the needs of students working on class assignments, research projects and, of course, choosing a good book for leisure reading. The librarian works in close collaboration with teachers to instruct students in the critical skills of locating, accessing, evaluating and thinking critically about information. They also seek to create an environment which promotes a sense of creativity, curiosity and an interest in lifelong learning. 

The library’s physical collection consists of books, periodicals, DVD's, and equipment. Our virtual library is available to our community members 24/7 and consists of ebooks, digital periodicals, streaming video, tutorials, and databases. For more information about the library, please visit our virtual library at 

The library has a variety of equipment available for staff and student use including laptop computers, iPads, Kindle readers, camcorders; and digital cameras. In addition to these resources each classroom is equipped with an LCD projector, Apple TV, computer and DVD player. Many rooms now have interactive LCD projectors.


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