The broader community of St. Paul's High School is comprised the thousands of alumni, along with former Jesuit and lay faculty, who have come through the front doors of the School, first on Selkirk Avenue, for many years at Ellice and Vaughan, and since 1964 on Grant Avenue.

Across the generations, the experience of a Jesuit education, of a St. Paul's education, binds alumni together in their shared process of formation from boys to young men, and builds friendships that last throughout lifetimes. 

The shared memories: exams passed and failed; games won and lost; behind the scenes or on the stage; in liturgy and in retreat; at dances and Walks; are stepping stones in service to the mission of the school — to educate students as whole persons to become Men for Others and so assist the Church in building the Realm of God.

St. Paul's relies upon the generous support of alumni to allow the school to grow and maintain enrollment, expand and initiate new academic, spiritual and athletic programs, and maintain and grow our physical facilities.  We are grateful to our alumni, their Jesuit brothers and to all faculty who have come and gone before us. The tradition of excellence that they nurtured and promoted at the school is a living legacy for the faculty and for all future Crusaders.

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