School Day DSchool Day ASchool Day B
Schedule IVSchedule ISchedule I
Parent Guild MeetingSchedule V: All School Learning: Assembly (Student Council Election Opening Speeches)AM: Gr12 Mother-Son Liturgy
Schedule IV: Staff LearningGr9 Men for Others Day
National Day for Awareness for MMIWG2SSchool Day CSchool Day DSchool Day ASchool Day BSchool Day C
Schedule VSchedule VSchedule IVSchedule VSchedule I
Schedule V: (Grade 9/10 Forums\; Late Start for Gr11/12)Schedule V: (Grade 11/12 Forums\; Late Start for Gr9/10)8AM: Gr12 AP ELA ExamSchedule V: Grade 9-11 Marian LiturgyGrade 9 Track and Field Day
Grad Photo Retakes
Schedule IV: Staff Learning
Mother's DaySchool Day DSchool Day ASchool Day BSchool Day CNo Classes
Schedule ISchedule ISchedule IVSchedule VPD Day
8AM: AP Calculus AB Exam8AM: Gr11 AP ELA Exam8AM: Gr12 AP French ExamSchedule V: All School Learning (Gr9-11)\; Late Start for Gr12s
Schedule IV: Staff LearningStudent Council Election Day
No ClassesSchool Day DSchool Day ASchool Day BSchool Day C
Victoria DaySchedule ISchedule IVSchedule ISchedule I
Schedule IV: Staff Learning12PM: AP Physics I Exam12PM: AP Physics II Exam
School Day DSchool Day ASchool Day BSchool Day CSchool Day D
Schedule ISchedule ISchedule IVSchedule ISchedule I
Student Council Spirit Week
Evening of Performing and Visual ArtsKairos
Schedule IV: Late Start for Students6:30pm Class Reunions