Mr Arthur Mauro – 1994

Arthur Mauro was born in Port Arthur (Thunder Bay), Ontario in 1927. He attended St Andrew's Separate School and graduated from St Patrick's High School in Fort William.

He entered St Paul's College in 1946 and graduated from the University of Manitoba with a BA, LLB, LLM. He was active in student affairs at the University, being elected President of the Students' Union in 1950, as well as President of the National Federation of Canadian University Students and chaired the World Conference of Students in Stockholm.

He practiced law from 1953 to 1969, specializing in the field of transportation and communication. In 1967 he was appointed Chairman of the Royal Commission on Northern Transportation which report became a blueprint for many developments in the North. Dr Mauro was the first lecturer Faculty of Law and has presented and published a number of papers on Transportation and Government Regulations both in Canada and the United States. He was President and CEO of Transair from 1972 to 1976.

In 1977 he was appointed Executive Vice-President of Investors Group becoming President and Chief Operating Officer in 1981 and Chief Executive Officer in 1985. Dr Mauro recently retired as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Investors Group. He is a member of a number of corporate boards including Investors Group Inc., P.W.A. Corporation, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, Canadian Pacific Hotels and United Grain Growers.

Dr Mauro served as Chairman or President of a number of community organizations including the Winnipeg Community Chest (now the United Way), Winnipeg Art Gallery, Federal Transportation Industry Development Advisory Committee, Winnipeg Art Gallery Foundation and the Winnipeg 1991 Grey Cup Committee. He has also served as a member of the University Grants Commission, was Chairman of St Paul's College Board of Directors, Chairman of St Boniface Hospital Board of Directors, Chairman of the Manitoba Skills Training Advisory Committee, a Director of the North Portage Development Corporation, Chairman of the Advisory Board of Transport Institute at the University of Manitoba and Chairman of the Interim Steering Committee for the Winnipeg Jets.

In 1991 Mr. Mauro was elected Chancellor of the University of Manitoba. He continues to serve as a Director of St. Boniface General Hospital, Canadian Council of Christians and Jews, and has recently served as Chair of Negotiations on Internal Trade.

His other honours include an Honourary Degree from the University of Manitoba. He is an Officer of the Order of Canada; was appointed a Knight of St Gregory by Pope Paul VI; recipient of the Distinguished Service Award at the University of Manitoba; National Humanitarian Award of the Canadian Council of Christians and Jews. He and his wife Nancie have four children, Barbara, Christine, Jennifer and Gregory.

Biography Update: After the passing of his wife Nancie in 2000, Dr Mauro has remarried to Ms Naomi Levine. The ceremony took place at the Canadian Jesuit Martyr's Chapel at St Paul's High School.

In recent years, Dr Mauro has initiated the founding of the Arthur V. Mauro Centre for Peace and Justice at St Paul's College, the University of Manitoba. The Centre is dedicated to research, education, and outreach to foster global peace and justice. This is a transdisciplinary endeavor that encompasses diverse dimensions of social life at the local, national, and international levels. The Centre is home to the University of Manitoba's Ph.D. Program in Peace and Conflict Studies.

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