News for September 2014

Reflection on being a Jesuit

Here is a link to a reflection from Fr. Altilia posted in the the Jesuit blog site, igNation:

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Wild end to WWAC Cross Country Race

On a beautiful sunny day at Crescent Drive Park, the Crusaders were looking great half way thru their 5km race. As the lead group entered the second loop of the course, (containing many Crusaders) the chase group went off course sending the race into complete chaos. "There are runners everywhere" exclaimed one excited fan as runners cam…

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Reflection on El Salvador

Mark Proven '15 has written a reflection on the experience of the El Salvador service trip last summer for the Jesuit blog site igNation.  Here is the link:

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Crusader Hockey Try out schedule

 Sept 17 - 4:50- 7:00- Iceplex Sept 18 - 4:50- 7:00- Iceplex Sept 21- 9am- 12 noon in Starbuck Sept 22 - 4:15- 6:30 - Iceplex Sept 23 - 5:15- 7:30 - Iceplex Sept 24- 4:50 (B team exhibition game) Sept 26 - 4:20 - (A team exhibition game)  

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