General Bursary Fund

Bursary Funds are an essential aspect of a Jesuit education at St. Paul’s High School ensuring accessibility for all qualified applicants. The Bursary Fund is comprised of all donations to any bursary, both named and unnamed, the funds of which are invested annually in keeping with the St. Paul’s High School Investment Policy.

Today, the cost of educating one student at St. Paul’s is just over $15,000. This amount comes from three main sources: tuition ($8,575), government funding and endowment funds in support of the bursary program.  In the last school year, 70 students received financial assistance totaling $376,000.

In order to keep pace with current and future needs, St. Paul’s must have a growing bursary fund. The current endowment level sits at $9.5 million. In order for us to meet the annual tuition assistance requests of our families, an additional $5 million is required.

Named Bursary Fund

Bursaries may be named for individual donors, a group or family, in honour of others, or in memory of a deceased family member or friend. An initial gift of $10,000 will name the bursary and $175,000 fully and perpetually endows it. All bursaries are awarded based on need, decided annually by the Bursary Committee. You may also choose to contribute to an existing named bursary.


For more information about starting a named bursary or donating to the bursary fund, please contact:


Darla Hooker

Director of Advancement & Alumni Affairs
(204) 831-2325

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