Published on
Jun 11, 2022

Spectators that attended the final day of the Provincial Track and Field championship were charged $5 a seat, as it turned out, they only needed the edge. 

Every event seemed to get more exciting and when it all came to an end the Junior Varsity Crusaders would win the Provincial Banner with one of the highest point totals ever recorded. Coach McMillan would say afer the meet, "I don't ever remember seeing a team win a medal in every single running event and 3 of 6 field events. The talent on this team is unbelievalbe." 

Here are the highlights: **WARNING** it is a long list.

Adam Smith wins bronze in JV 3000m

Noah Neves win Gold in JV 400m

Hayes McMillan wins Silver in the JV 400m

Noah Neves wins Gold in JV 800m

Noah Neves wins Silver in JV 200m

Folajimi Bankole places 4th in JV 200m

Hayes McMillan places 5th in JV 200m

Grant White wins Gold in Varsity 200m

Michael Uzonna wins Bronze in Varsity 200m

JV team of Ethan Robson, Eze Wachukwu, Luke Bowes and Folajimi Bankole win Silver in 4 X 100m. 

Varsity team of Lorence Dela Cruz, Grant White, Evan Hirst and Michael Uzonna win Silver in 4 X 100m. 

Brandon Kubay wins Silver in JV triple jump

Eze Wachukwu wins Bronze in JV Long jump. 

JV Athlete of the Meet

Congrats to Noah Neves who won 3 gold and 1 Silver including anchoring the medley relay team to a new provincial record. Within the span of 1.5 hours on Saturday - Noah raced the 400m (1st) 800 (1st) and 200 (2nd) against the best runners in the province. No athelte has ever attempted this triple at the provincial championships before. Noah ran 8 races over three days. Congrats Noah. 

Varsity Athlete of the meet

Congrats to senior Grant White who will graduate as a Multiple Provincial medal winner. Grant won the 200M, placed 2nd in the 100m and 2nd in the 4X100m. Grant won the 100m in grade nine and despite missing 2 years of competition due to covid, he came back where he left off. Good luck Grant as you continue your track and academic career at the University of Guelph. 

Thanks to all the athletes who trained and competed during the 2022 track season.