Published on
Jun 29, 2023

Dear St. Paul’s High School Community,

Before the end of our school year, I would like to provide a brief update and extend my heartfelt gratitude for your incredible contributions throughout our strategic planning process: Our Journey Forward: 100 Years and Beyond.

I am thrilled to share that we received over 1,000 responses to our Community Survey sent out in February and more than 200 students, parents, faculty, staff, and alumni attended our consultation sessions in May. The insights and feedback we have received from all of you have played an instrumental role in shaping our collective future at St. Paul’s High School. Together, we have embarked on a transformative journey, crafting a roadmap that reflects our shared vision and paves the way for our future growth and development.

As we break for the summer, our leadership team will continue to reflect on the information we’ve received. We look forward to coming together again in the fall to continue the work to finalize our strategic plan for the coming years, including our Centennial in 2026.

Thank you again for your participation, your engagement and your thoughtful insight as we walk together in our journey forward at St. Paul’s High School.

God bless,

Mr. Kevin Booth ‘78