COVID-19 Learning Updates:

Maintaining a Safe Environment at St. Paul's

November 1, 2021:

Dear Parents & Guardians,

As we begin the month of November, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all families, students, and teachers for taking actions every day to maintain a safe environment at St. Paul’s. Your continued support and cooperation during the pandemic, and throughout the flu season, will ensure we continue to mitigate health risks and keep everyone healthy and safe.

Please be reminded of the school’s expectations during the pandemic and the ways parents can help St. Paul’s maintain a safe environment. 

Daily Self-Screening

Ensure your son is conducting daily self-screening for symptoms of COVID-19 prior to arriving at school. The Screening Tool will direct your son if he should isolate or to go for COVID-19 testing. 

COVID-19 Screening Tool:

Keep Your Son Home with COVID-19 Symptoms

Keep your son at home if he is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. If any COVID-19 related symptoms appear during the day, your son will be separated from the rest of the class and moved to a supervised, secure area. The school will complete the Screening Tool with your son and, if applicable, contact a parent to pick up their son as soon as possible.

COVID-19 Testing

Public health officials strongly urge anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms, such as a cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat, headache, or any of the symptoms listed in the Screening Tool to isolate and get tested for COVID-19. 

Positive COVID-19 Test Result

Immediately contact Bob Lewin, Principal, at 204-831-2305 or by email,, if your son receives a positive test result for COVID-19. Timely communication will help St. Paul’s and Pubic Health identify potential close contacts and mitigate risk of transmission of COVID-19 in the school. 

Note: It is not necessary to notify the school if your son is being tested for COVID-19 unless a positive test result is received.

Proper Mask Wearing

Talk to your son about the importance of properly wearing a mask to mitigate risk of COVID-19 transmission. Current public health orders require masks to be worn indoors. Mask breaks may occur for the purposes of eating, drinking and for very short, infrequent mask breaks where at least two metres of distancing is observed.

Get a Flu Shot

According to the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s website, “winter wellness is…getting your flu shot.” The influenza vaccine is free, safe, and proven to reduce doctor visits, hospitalization, and deaths. Flu shots are available at Influenza Vaccine Clinics, pharmacies, and family doctors. More information

School-based Immunization Catch-up Clinic

Manitoba Public Health will be offering an immunization clinic at St. Paul's High School on Wednesday, 17 November. The purpose of this clinic is to offer students an opportunity to catch up on immunizations they may have missed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consent forms are available from the front desk and this fillable PDF. Consent forms are due to the school's front office by Wednesday, 10 November to allow Public Health time to verify that the correct immunizations will be administered. 

Stay healthy and safe! 
God bless,  

Bob Lewin, Principal  


Visitor & Volunteer Access 

As per Public Health, school visitors/volunteers will be permitted. All visitors/volunteers must adhere to self-screening, physical distancing, and recommended hygiene practices. Masks are required indoors.


Mask Requirements

All students, staff, and visitors will be required to wear disposable, medical-grade masks with a minimum of three layers while indoors. St. Paul’s may be providing students with an initial supply of masks in September. Further details to come. Students may purchase their own supply of masks available from the Crusader Shoppe and at many retail outlets. St. Paul’s will continue the mask recycling program that was implemented last school year.

Parent & Student Communication: 

St. Paul’s High School uses SchoolMessenger to communicate with parents and the Online Community to communicate with Students. Microsoft Teams is used to help your son stay
connected in the event they are unable to be physically present in the classroom.

Events & Sports

St. Paul's has established a YouTube channel for streaming games and other school events. The channel allows for all streamed events to be accessed via the same link. Please note that it may not be possible to stream all home games. Click the button below to visit the St. Paul's YouTube channel and subscribe to the channel for game & event notifications. 

Contingency Planning

The degree to which schools can remain open for in-class learning depends on several factors, such as vaccinations, variants of COVID-19 and the capacity of our health care system. St. Paul’s High School is committed to working with Public Health and Manitoba Education to implement the appropriate public health measures and contingency plans accordingly.

St. Paul’s will plan to implement additional public health measures as outlined in the Caution (Yellow), Restricted (Orange) and Critical (Red) levels of the Pandemic Response System provided by Manitoba Education.


COVID-19 Vaccinations

At this time, all young people in Manitoba born on or before December 31, 2009, are eligible to be immunized against COVID-19 with the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

In accordance with Public Health orders, all St. Paul’s staff are required to be fully vaccinated by October 31, 2021, or submit to regular COVID-19 testing. This requirement will also be in place for external coaches and regular volunteers. More information will be provided by program coordinators.

At this time, St. Paul’s will not be mandating vaccinations for students as there is currently no Public Health direction or mandate for schools to proceed with developing a vaccination mandate for students. Public Health will be launching immunization clinics in schools during the school year and the school will work with Public Health to facilitate immunization clinics at the school. More information will be provided as it becomes available. St. Paul’s strongly encourages students to get fully vaccinated as soon as possible. St. Paul’s will continue to evaluate this practice and look for direction from Public Health.

"St. Paul’s High School strongly encourages all those that are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine, to get fully vaccinated as soon as possible."

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